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Instrumentation Engineering

The Department of Instrumentation Engineering was formerly known as Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering. It was established in the year 2004. As per the syllabus revision 2015 the name of the branch has been changed to Instrumentation Engineering.. The total in take capacity of the department is 60.Instrumentation is a pioneer field of Engineering in the modern era. In this fast growing age of automation and process industries, Instrumentation
engineer is an inevitable choice of every industry. Unfortunately in India, we are lacking in number of instrumentation engineers. So it is very essential and relevant in implementing a department which moulds young talents in the field of instrumentation. The department has nine labs namely Basic Instrumentation Lab, Transducers & Measurement System Lab, Industrial ElectronicsLab, Electronic&Instrument Workshop, Industrial Instruments Lab,Process Control Lab, Calibration & Simulation Lab, Advanced Process Control Lab. Analytical&Biomedical Instruments Lab.The Department has its own
student association named INSAK and conducts many technical seminars, industrial visit, cultural activity, etc
To emerge as a leader in a electronics and instrumentation engineering by imparting futuristic and comprehensive education upholding high sense of ethical integrity and social commitment.
 To promote academic excellence offering quality technical education in the field of electronics and instrumentation engineering.
 To encourage the students to be innovative competent efficient and value oriented.
 To provide better exposure to the students on the contemporary developments in the field.
To empower the students to participate in technical advancements and to contribute towards making a better society.
Role of Instrumentation Engineers
• Design and develop
• Modeling
• Calibration and Control
Instrumentation plays an important role in almost every aspect of Automation
Technology like:
 Industrial Automation
 Manufacturing Automation
 Process Automation
 Building Automation